Seminario Migración, Desigualdad y Políticas Públicas

The intersection of foreign policy and migration policy in Mexico Today

Claudia Masferrer, Luicy Pedroza (eds.)

Año 2022

160; graph págs.



ISBN 978-607-564-343-4 (ebook english)

Debates on migration as a problem or a reason for crises have convinced many of the idea that the only sensible policy is containment: that is, preventing people from migrating. For this report, “The Intersection of Foreign Policy and Migration Policy in Mexico Today,” nine researchers from El Colegio de México studied the migration situation in Mexico and propose that migration be recognized for what it is: a constant reality that poses challenges for both sending and receiving societies, yet a reality that exists because it promises opportunities. In this report, we go beyond offering diagnoses or making loose recommendations. We propose to envisage plausible short- and medium-term scenarios to make the most of the political, economic, and demographic opportunities that migration offers.

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Más autores

Claudia Masferrer, Luicy Pedroza (eds.)

Claudia Masferrer;

Luicy Pedroza;

Víctor Manuel García Guerrero;

Isabel Gil Everaert;

Oscar Rodríguez Chávez;

Guadalupe González González;

Ana Covarrubias;

Beatriz Zepeda; y

Antonio Yúnez Naude