Atlas of return migration from the United States to Mexico

Claudia Masferrer

Año 2021

255, il., mapas, gráf.; págs.



ISBN/ISSN 978-607-564-297-0

Migration between Mexico and the United States has a long history and is based on social, economic, political, and cultural ties. The return of Mexican nationals after living in the United States, together with U.S.-born persons moving to Mexico, is another aspect of the interaction between both nations. This Atlas of Return Migration from the United States to Mexico compiles a group of key indicators to understand variation in the sociodemographic, labor market, and geographical characteristics of return migrants and U.S.-born minors living in Mexico. It also explores the geographical distribution of these groups, population size of their localities of residence, differences regarding their activity status and type of employment compared with nonmigrants, and changes in demographic characteristics and labor market integration over time.

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