A Compact History of Mexico

Daniel Cosío Villegas, Ignacio Bernal, Alejandra Moreno Toscano, Luis González, Eduardo Blanquel, Lorenzo Meyer

Año 1974

159 págs.

Clave H016

1a. Edición

ISBN/ISSN 968-12-0665-7


Sin existencias

Mexico’s history is long and complex: early settlements thousand of years ago, refined indigenous civilizations a few centuries back, an overwhelming conquest by Spain and the merging of European an indian cultures over a long colonial period, finally independence and national formation, entry into the currents of world trade and capitalist development in the late 19th century, a major social revolution 85 years ago, and modernization and economic and social change to the present.


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Más autores

Daniel Cosío Villegas

Ignacio Bernal

Alejandra Moreno Toscano

Luis González

Eduardo Blanquel

Lorenzo Meyer